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News Flash: membership accounts were deleted July 15, 2016

We eliminated the membership account feature on our website as previously announced, due to a surge of account abuse by a small number of people. We apologize for this, but believe it to be in the best interests of all customers to eliminate all accounts. Everyone can still make purchases without using an account.

We feature vintage Greenleaf Classics eBooks and paperback books, and eBooks from Liverpool Library and Other sources. All eBooks are in “pdf” format, suitable for viewing on almost all devices.


These novels date from the classic era of adult fiction published by Greenleaf Classics, Liverpool Library Press and Others from the 1960’s through the 1980’s, often referred to as the Golden Age of Erotica. Many popular “authors” appear in all of these collections.


Our inventory of original vintage paperback books is shrinking, as we sell those that we own. We have single copies of them, as originally published decades ago. NOTE: every paperback that we have in our catalog has the word “PAPERBACK” in the catalog number and on purchase receipts. Collectors are welcome.


Our inventory of eBooks is growing as we find more of them in the public domain to add. We charge a small service fee for these eBooks, to cover our preparation and presentation costs. Most have been proof-read and cleaned up, but many still contain occasional spelling errors as introduced by original publishers or by those who scanned originals. We fix errors as we find them, creating better copies than you will find elsewhere.

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If you have or find an eBook cover image that we don’t have, send it to us and if we use it, we’ll send you an updated eBook for free.

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