Sex Orgy With Animals by Desmond Lowell
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It was a few weeks after they returned from their honeymoon that Niles Dawson had his first terrifying glimpse into the depths of his lovely young bride’s bizarre tastes.

Niles and Betsy Dawson had taken a fine home in Westchester County, within easy commuting distance of New York City, where Niles had a lucrative real estate business. It was a pleasant neighborhood of large homes, lush lawns, and enormous, over-arching trees.

One evening, Niles and Betsy were strolling along the sidewalk, hand in hand, enjoying the pleasant May air, and the feeling of being newlyweds. Niles was exultantly aware that his youthful wife——she was only twenty——hadn’t a stitch on beneath her flimsy summer dress.

He delighted, therefore, whenever they were in shadow, in running his eager hand over her ass, reveling in her buttocks’ exuberant contours. From time to time he even thrust his hand up under skirt. Giggling, she would slap it away.

But he would always come back for more. His dick would strain at his pants as he roved his hand over her sleek thighs, intruding his fingers into her hot, slippery ass crack and, for short, delirious moments, between her legs and up into the crispy muff where he would fondle her fleshy cunt lips.

Betsy giggled and slapped, but it was obvious she loved it, and she would smear her body provocatively against his every time he squeezed her tits.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. NOTE: original illustrations that were embedded in the original paperback book text are NOT available in this eBook.

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