Masturbating Little Girls by Author Unknown
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Jody was fresh, blond and thirteen. She was tall for her age, willowy, and had a real zest for living. She loved learning anything new. And her latest thing that she was “into” as she put it, was playing with herself.

“Oh, hello, Manny,” she said, recognizing the voice on the phone. “How are you feeling?” She propped her feet on the radiator that was thumping with the sound of circulating water. “What did you say? This damn radiator is making a hell of a lot of noise. Oh, you’re staring out of the window and you wish I was there? Yeah, I know, it’s lousy isn’t it, this snowstorm and all, and we have to study.”

“What am I doing? I’m playing with myself, of course.” Jody always had her hand on her crotch when she was on the phone.

She had her hand on her crotch because she was always horny. It was automatic. She would dial a phone number and plop! There would go her hand between her legs.

The phone would ring, she would answer, and plop! There would go her fingers to her pussy, rubbing over the denim of her jeans, or tucking up under the skirt of her plaid school uniform.

They would twist under the elastic of her panties and dig between her pussy lips and find that lovely secret she had only recently discovered … her clit that felt so good when rubbed.

“Tell me what you’re doing,” Jody heard Manny say.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. NOTE: original illustrations that were embedded in the original paperback book text are NOT available in this eBook.

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