Kate's Pain Lessons by Craig Esposito
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I live for my senses.

Touch, sound, smell, taste and sight. I am a very sensitive person. Not one who is moody, but one who enjoys having my senses stimulated.

Especially touch and sound.

Harsh touches and cracking sounds.

Nothing thrills me more than a harsh blow waking up my nerve endings or the magical sound of something hitting my flesh. To be restrained while it is happening is even better.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been that way. I remember as a kid I’d dream that someone had me bound in some fashion while making me squirm with what they were doing to me.

I was captured by Indians and tortured.

A street gang would grab me off the street and it would be gang-bang time, complete with bonds and hours of sex.

I’d be transported back in history and get abducted by a ship load of pirates that knew how to treat a captive.

I’d dream of a future husband being a very demanding man who knew how to keep his wife in line with ropes, whips and cock.

And what became of these dreams?

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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