The Father-In-Lust by Don Bellmore
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JAMES COLLIER, IN HIS BOOK, THE HYPOCRITICAL AMERICAN, WRITES: ‘IN AMERICA, SEX IS sinful everywhere, and it rages everywhere. There is no other country in the world-and possibly in the entire history of the world-where sexual practice is so at odds with the sexual code. We pretend we are pure, and in our hearts we think we ought to be. We are nothing of the sort. America is a nation of sexual hypocrites.” And Zoe, pure of heart as she was, found herself running away from illegal gambling, prostitution, all manner of sin-but still capable of flagrant adultery.

ICY TERROR SOARED AROUND ZOE, SWOOPING closer with every frightened tap of her feet. She felt her breath hot and hard, her wild heart pounding her. If she stopped, she’d be lost. But, God’s sake, she had to stop, just for a second, just long enough for an extra gasp of air … Surely she had time to. Then she heard that bedeviled, belabored puffing, down the hall-and she grabbed a half-breath and raced on. She would run until she died, if she had to, to escape that repulsive old man.

He had started chasing her around the red-and-gold gaming room called The Corral, when he’d found her down there alone. Skunk-drunk, he’d caught her and pounced on her-and she’d scooted out from under him when his hands let her go to open his pants. Horrified, she’d run the length of the sub-basement room and gained the carpeted steps.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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