The Swappers' Wives by J. X. Williams
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“WHAT’S THE MATTER, HONEY?” I ASKED my best girl friend and neighbor, Sally Upton.

It was Thursday morning, and we were having coffee at my breakfast nook. The sun was shining; it was a very beautiful day. I had all my housework done.

Sally looked somewhat beat, all right, or I wouldn’t have asked the question. I had noticed a change in her lately, and it puzzled me. She’s slender and leggy, very pretty with dark, wavy hair, full mouth and big brown eyes.

She put her cup down and wouldn’t meet my gaze. “It’s a kind of sensitive subject,” she said, a faint flush on her throat.

I’m Diane Summers, my main claim to beauty being a full, rounded figure. John, my hubby, says I have a sensual mouth and come-hither eyes, but actually I’m overweight. I always envied gals like Sally who had lithe lines, firm contours. In almost any kind of clothes she looked sexy.

“You and Ed have a fight?” I inquired.

“No … ”

“Well, tell me, if it’ll help, honey.”

She sipped more coffee and lit a cigarette. I didn’t smoke. Her flushed deepened.

“I’m just not … satisfying Ed, Diane.”

“You mean…? ”

“I know, it’s an awful thing for a young wife to admit. But he’s just after me all the time … and then about all I can do is pretend.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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