Trade-In Wives by J. X. Williams
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“YOU’VE BEEN HERE FIVE MINUTES, AND you haven’t spoken that many words,” Madge Thornton said.

Rod Sherman lifted his eyes from the lovely woman’s bare legs. One long, shapely leg was crossed over the other, swinging rhythmically, the white spike-heeled shoes dangling on her toes. Her full lips were parted in a smile, showing perfect white teeth, and her green eyes were sparkling. Her auburn hair was cut short in the latest style, like his wife’s blonde hair, but her features weren’t as pretty as Linda’s.

“I’ve been waiting for you to do the talking,” he said, grinning, wondering if he should get up from the easy chair and let her see that he already had an erection. “Tony told me to drop by this afternoon. He said he’d talked it over with you.”

“You still haven’t discussed it with your beautiful young wife, Rod?”

“No. I agreed to bring her here and let Tony work on her, but it’s to be done without my telling her anything. I can’t make any promises. That’s what I told Tony. He said to let him worry about that.”

“My husband sometimes has a tendency to be overly confident,” Madge said, uncrossing her legs. She stood up from the couch. “However, if he’s willing to gamble…”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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