From Swap to Bedlam by John Dexter
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HIS HAND FOUND MY BREAST AND GENTLY caressed it. I stifled the moan so he wouldn’t know how hot I was.

I didn’t protest when he pulled me to him. He got his left arm around me and his right hand tilted up my chin. His lips mashed down on mine, as hot and dry as Kansas in August. His hand crept down my back, tracing erotic patterns all over it. I shivered a little as he gently stroked my hip and thigh.

His tongue now came out to play with mine, and soon they were flogging each other, and I gasped and moaned and stiffened in his arms.

He now had nothing to fear; he knew that I was now his, all his.

His hand found the zipper tab at the back of my neck and slowly tugged. The zipper parted, and his hand lightly skittered around over my bare back. I jerked my face free and threw back my head, my eyes closed and my moans low and throaty.

His hands tugged at my peignoir and I shrugged out of it. He freed my bra. My breasts were proud and firm and up-thrust. He plucked the nipples and they stood erect. He got his arm around me again, and his hand gently caressed my breasts and plucked my nipples. I yelped and moaned.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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