Flip Flop Swap by Terri Duncan
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Carol Collins sat in the lounge chair, trying to ignore Harry Dodson. He was perched on the arm next to her, his fingers drifting downward to grab a handful of tittie. He was having trouble with her bra and Carol kept scrootching away, making his attempt more difficult. One thing she didn’t want was his big, hairy hands playing with her boobs.

While she avoided Harry’s clutching fingers, she sipped at her third highball and watched her husband, Paul, in action. He too was moving in on a pair of breasts-enormous ones that belonged to Harry’s wife, Rita. Only Rita wasn’t trying to avoid Paul’s roving fingers. She slipped her gown down on her shoulders, revealing the fact that she wore no bra. Paul quickly took advantage of his chance by cupping the immense melons in his hands and playing with them.

Carol gave him a severe look and Paul grinned impishly in return. He defiantly continued probing Rita’s immense breasts. While his wife continued to glare at him, Paul bent over and sucked greedily at the exposed tits, paying particular attention to the taut cherry nipples set in a small circle of brown against a background of dazzling pinkish-white skin. Rita, a dazzling blonde, was an exotic dancer and had flawless, smooth, lovely skin.

Carol groaned inwardly while she watched her husband suck the other woman’s titties. But she continued to avoid contact with the other husband. She’d wanted no part of this party in the first place. Now, after a week of arguing, and finally losing the argument, she wasn’t about to give in to Paul, and admit maybe she could enjoy herself.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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