Along Came A Swapper by Richard B. Long
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Max Benson nearly ran from the front door of the main laboratory complex, to the parking lot. He would have run, and shouted too, except that successful research scientists at Walton Instruments did not behave in such an indecorous fashion. The news he had received, just before leaving for the day certainly confirmed that he was just that — a successful research scientist.

Max fumbled with his car keys in his eagerness to be off, but managed to get his Mustang started. He sang a little ditty as he drove. Jackie, he knew, would be ecstatic. His wife of eleven months followed his career with intense interest, applauding every step he took. The last eleven months, he realized, had been one long honeymoon and had proved beyond doubt that he’d chosen wisely, that their long engagement had paid off fabulously.

Jackie had waited patiently while he plowed through the last two years of his tough electrical engineering curriculum, giving in to his quixotic decision to remain single until he was gainfully employed. She in turn had exacted a price of her own, one that delayed until their wedding night the fullest exploration of their love. Since that incredible night, however, she had enthusiastically given herself to the most passionate pursuits they could dream up. Max’s prick sprang to sudden life as he thought of his ever-passionate wife, of her muscular thighs, her hungry loins, her hard, conical breasts.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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