A Tall, Cool Swapper by Harry Best
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Bob couldn’t understand why his wife had become frigid. Was it him; he did have a queen in his closet. His secretary, Janice, however, knew they needed a coming together, and the ensuing swap parties raised a hell of a lot more than just eyebrows! Aside from the straight-out, massive doses of pure sex, though, a lot more was accomplished: Bob and Barbara did come together . . . and kept coming! As Dr. Benjamin Morse states in The Sexual Revolution, there are functional aspects to wife swapping: “By making extra-marital sex a function of the marital union, guilt is assuaged, deception is removed, and the marriage-shattering elements of infidelity are eliminated.”

He sat with his chin in his hand and justified why, on this night, he would go out with his secretary and have a drink with her and maybe–if things worked out right all around–maybe even take her some place cozy and lie in bed with her and fuck her blind.

Janice would love it. He could tell by the way she moved, the way she talked to him. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted his cock to grow hard in her hands while she felt under his balls with her fingers and tickled his asshole and imprisoned the shaft of his prick between her lush, soft tits, running it up and down the silky valley between them and licking at the tip of his prick when it peeped out.

Janice would even suck him off–all the way, no letting go with her warm mouth and letting it spray over his belly!

Bob’s prick stretched like a cat and roared in his pants like a tiger, throbbing, full, stiff, as it hadn’t been in years with Barbara. He felt it bucking, wanting a soft, slick-tissued pussy to ram into–one that was wet and hot and ready for a good, hard round of fucking.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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