House Of Dark Pleasure by Gloria Day
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Little did Doris know when she took the secretarial job offer from Romily Manor, the nature of the duties she was to perform. She hadn’t counted on being a paid playmate for Mildred Wynton’s twenty-five-year-old retarded son. Her horror deepened even further at the realization that she had to share her voluptuous body with the degenerate doctor and Mrs. Wynton’s lascivious chauffeur. Mrs. Wynton was the mistress of the manor in name, but it was Doris’ lush young body that held the title!

Willis Wynton stared at the softly curved, lusciously inviting girl on the bed. An evil smile of anticipation crossed his misshapen face, and he drooled, saliva trickling down to his chin as his eyes drank in the sight of young and helpless female flesh that lay at his mercy.

He had a peculiar build, his legs being too short for his massive, bull-like torso and his arms — as if to make up for the brevity of his legs — were too long, causing his hands to dangle close to his knees.

He swung his hands loosely, now, as he moved toward the girl on the bed. His forehead, covered with a mass of long, black hair that hung down, was too wide — while his chin was too narrow, making the thick, sensuous lips seem out of place. His pointed tongue darted out, slicked at the edges of his mouth as he stared at Doris.

She was wearing a white-nylon blouse and short leather skirt; her feet, shoeless now, and legs, were encased in sheer pantyhose.

Willis reached to the top of her blouse, unbuttoned it, then gripped the thin fabric of her brassiere. He tugged at it gently, then seemed surprised when the flimsy garment ripped off. His eyes squinted as he stared at the twin mounds of soft, fragile flesh — then he slowly stroked Doris’ breasts.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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