All In The Family by Duncan Fox
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Janet Martin hummed happily to herself as she moved around the small living room, dusting and waxing the few pieces of furniture. Her face lit up as she murmured to herself, “He’s coming home, he’s coming home tonight.” After ten long years overseas, her husband Phil was coming home. She paused in the door to the kitchen and surveyed the room, musing over the fact that she probably would never get to know what he really did all those years. He had been picked for some strange, secret agent type of job in a small kingdom in the Middle East whose name she could not even pronounce. The secrecy of the job kept her and their twins, only six years old when he left, from going along. For ten seemingly interminable years they had only been able to exchange occasional letters passed through secret channels.

As she turned toward the kitchen, musing at the strength of the love that had kept the marriage together, the back door crashed open and Judy and Tom, the twins, dashed for the refrigerator in a welter of sun-tanned legs and arms. By the time the screen door had slammed closed with its usual bang, they had the door to the refrigerator open and were rifling the shelves.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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