Her Hottest Pupil by Alan Marshall
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Ricky Garrett sat in the swing on the porch of his mother’s house enjoying the cool, night breeze while waiting for his sister to return from her date. He had spent a very entertaining evening and wanted to tell Wendy about it. A slender but strongly built boy, Ricky had a thin, almost elfin face, jet-black hair and a slow smile that made him irresistible to women of all ages. Tonight he was savoring one of his biggest conquests-the thirty-one-year-old wife of Point Storm’s most successful doctor. They had shared a late afternoon session in a motel, and then the doctor’s lady had returned home in time to greet her hard-working spouse with his usual, before-dinner martini at seven o’clock.

That had been a pleasantly diverting interlude, especially since Ricky had managed to snap some pictures of the lady, sans clothing and sans morals, for his collection. The one in which Mrs. Doctor Evars’ mouth was filled with his youthful but large penis was particularly amusing. He was proud of collection of nude photos showing various “prominent citizens indulging in a wide variety of sexual activities. The pictures were profitable as well as stimulating.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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