Little Daughter Orgy by Joe Foss
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Shep Coleman wants to be a major-league baseball player. That is, if he can survive the minor leagues. It isn’t the baseball game that bothers him but the wild daughter of the club owner. Helene, the blonde nymph, wants Shep all to herself and is willing to do anything to keep him. How will Shep keep away from the hot clutches of the maniacal female? Especially without ruining his chances for the big leagues. Perhaps his teen-age friends will help. Or will they drive him deeper into the pit that the female predator is digging for him?

Shep Coleman leaned on the bat he had chosen for his turn at batting practice. His mind wandered as he waited, and he found himself daydreaming about Lily.

Lily was his fiance, more or less, a long-legged, lush blonde of twenty-one. He had been dating her since their sophomore year of college and had been screwing her almost as soon as they had met.

It had been a week since he had seen her last, and his mind went back to the last time they had been together. They had gone to a motel and registered as Mr. and Mrs. Shep Coleman. He remembered how anxious he had been. He had stripped her clothes away a hundred times before, but it was always an exciting experience for him to see her naked body again.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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