Turning Auntie On by Rick Arana
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If voluptuous and beautiful Juliet Carter had only known that her sweet young niece and nephew had practically been born balling, she would have joined in the fun years before, and shed her old hangups concerning sex once and for all. But now that she was aware of little Ryan’s and Rochelle’s sexual maturity, she wasted no time in jumping in to join them. And young Ryan was only too happy to turn Auntie on!

The first time Juliet felt her nephew’s hand caressing her cunt in the dark, she was sure it was nothing more than a sleepy groping. It took a while to realize the boy was feeling her up.

But before she knew, she stirred fretfully, not used to sleeping with anyone. Since her husband had cooled, she’d moved into a separate bed, but now her nephew and niece had been thrust upon her, and she wasn’t certain she liked the idea. Turning, she put an arm around the twin girl, and Rochelle sighed in her sleep. Something pushed lightly against Juliet’s body; her nephew Ryan, snuggling in. The kids had insisted upon sleeping with Auntie, and Juliet had gone along, but now she was somewhat uncomfortable.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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