Daddy Knows Best by Dan Corder
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In DADDY KNOWS BEST, the Marlowes outwardly appear to be an average American family. Jack Marlowe is a typical-looking father, Claire Marlowe considers herself to be like today’s housewife, and Susan Marlowe could pass for anybody’s daughter. Yet the three of them behave in ways that many others would consider abnormal-Jack and Claire are devoted wife-swappers, and Susan believes that her parents are virtuous until she finds out the shocking truth about them. But even she is eventually convinced that they are doing nothing wrong.

And who is to say whether they are normal or perverse? A novel of major interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior.

“Not much farther,” Jack said.

“Good. I’m getting stiff,” his wife said.

“So am I,” Jack told her, and he laughed. After a moment Claire giggled, then shot a quick, guilty look over the back of the seat.

Susan’s eyes were closed, her pretty face framed by flaxen hair.

“She’s sleeping?”


“Why don’t you sit a little closer, then?”

“Why, Jack! Whatever do you have in mind?”

“You know damn well.”

“Just thinking about visiting the Claymores has got you all worked up, huh?”

“Well, it is going to be fun, don’t you think?”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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