Sharing His Sisters by Richard Hill
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When a person lacks self-confidence on a sexual level, it can affect every aspect of his life.

Billy Huston is a bright young man, but one who suffers from a lack of self-confidence in his own sexuality. He finds the teasing of his twin sisters, Robin and Janie, a source of continual irritation, yet it is they who eventually help Billy gain the confidence and poise he has always lacked. Billy’s story is one of a young man who learns to free himself of deep-seated fears and inhibitions, taking his place in the world as a fully functioning, independent, self-assured adult.

“Oh, fuck…” cursed Billy softly when he realized he was going to have to spend the weekend at his twin sisters apartment. His parents had a number of guests staying with them, so he really had no choice. He dreaded the thought, because he really didn’t even like his sisters. They were always putting him down, always ganging up on him, telling him what a horny asshole he was.

And then there was their boy friends of course. He could see the whole thing now — his sisters and their boy friends in one bed, and he alone in the other room. The thought excited him, but in a bad way. Having nowhere else to stay, however, he decided it would be better than nothing.

After he had arrived and put his things away, Billy and his sister Robin went to cool themselves off in the pool at her apartment. Westport was known for its number of swimming pools, and now nothing felt nicer on their sun-drenched bodies than the cool, blue water they were now playing in.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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