A Piece Of Niece by Donald Palermo
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In A PIECE OF NIECE, Judith is a young girl who has been brought up in a stifling, puritanical environment. Fortunately for her, Judith’s uncle is able to rescue her from her unhappy surroundings, and, in the process, teaches his niece much about life and love. Through him, Judith learns to accept her sexuality, and to enjoy it. But how many other young girls are not so fortunate as Judith?

A story of the coming of age of one American teen-ager. An insight into our restless, ever changing society.

Judith knew she’d get her ass in a sling if she got caught, but she couldn’t resist making that trip to the attic of the old stone farmhouse that had been her home since the day she was born, just over eighteen years before.

As she crept cautiously up the back stairs, careful to avoid making even the smallest sound, Judith felt certain she was on the verge of making some thrilling discovery in the attic.

Judith felt her breath catch in her throat as she felt the smooth boards of the attic floor under her bare feet. Her heart pounded so loudly that she was afraid it could be heard all over the attic, yet she couldn’t stop then, couldn’t turn around and go back down the stairs without finding out what was going on with her mother and uncle. Judith almost gasped aloud when she heard her mother’s voice. It sounded so close.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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