The Family Gets It On by James Barton
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THE FAMILY GETS IT ON is the story of one American family, the Wards, and particularly the Wards’ daughter, Suzy. A typical teenager who enjoys going out on dates, gossiping with girl friends and listening to the latest rock group, Suzy seeks to fill one big void in her life. In her overwhelming need for love and physical pleasure, Suzy ignores all the moral rules she has been taught and dares to venture onto forbidden ground. And at the same time, her parents are doing likewise. And who is to blame?

For Suzy, seeking affection becomes her way of life, her norm. For her parents, it may be an escape from boredom.

THE FAMILY GETS IT ON — a story that poses timely questions for every American family.

Tom Ward lay beneath the thin sheet, a fine sheen of sweat on his body. His eyes were closed and he breathed shallowly as he felt himself rising. As his cock twitched again, he fought desperately against thinking of that warm body, those firm tits and soft hands. A sudden chill took him again and he opened his eyes to glance toward his lovely wife, Linda, who lay naked beside him, sleeping peacefully on her back.

The sheet was thrown back and Tom raised on one elbow to look at her voluptuous body, tanned now from a week on the beach, and in the faint moonlight that came through the opened window, he saw her stomach rise and fall evenly. His eyes went to the honey-colored patch of her cunt, peeking now from beneath the edge of the sheet. He swallowed thickly and gazed at her face as his cock throbbed painfully.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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