Orgy With Mom by Bob Kelly
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ORGY WITH MOM is the story of an impressionable teenage boy whose relationship with his over possessive mother threatens to leave indelible marks on his personality if the situation in which he finds himself is not changed. His mother refuses to let go.

ORGY WITH MOM — a shocking story, certainly, but one which must be told. A chapter from our confused and restless society.

Joyce Lankin sat in the living room of her home sipping a tall Scotch and soda and staring at the clock on the wall. It was her fifth stiff drink of the afternoon and she was well on her way to being totally smashed. And the itch in her hot cunt wasn’t helping matters. Her eyes blurred out of focus as they tried to follow the sweep hand on the expensive clock.

Even though the sun burned brightly outside, the plushly furnished room was semi-dark. Joyce had drawn heavy drapes across the windows. A single lamp burned in the large room, casting shadows over her half-naked body.

Joyce was waiting…

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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