Hot Daughter by Ray Strong
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HOT DAUGHTER is the story of a young, average American girl, Bernadette Reese. A bright nineteen year old with many friends, Bernadette is nonetheless filled with an overwhelming need for emotional security. Thus it is that she turns to those around her for the affection she craves. For Bernadette, seeking affection and security becomes a way of life, her norm. And for how many other young people like her?

A novel that poses a timely question for our increasingly decentralized American families.

Bernadette Reese was no virgin. She hadn’t been a virgin since her eighteenth birthday. She had been no naive nymph at the time. Sex education was being taught in all the junior-high and high schools, and Bernadette attended every class. Other girls her age had lost their cherries months, even years before, and though Bernadette felt no less sexually aroused than they, her sexual feelings remained dormant when in the presence of the boys she dated.

Even at the age of nineteen, Bernadette was dating. She had a nice set of tits, a slender waist, just the hint of a little curve to her belly, and nice hips. Her ass was round, but not overblown, and though she had let some boys touch her titties and crotch, she had felt nothing for them. Yet Bernadette had a constant heat inside her.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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