Daughter's Hot Panties by Ray Todd
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In DAUGHTER’S HOT PANTIES, Sherry Bancroft is a child of the present. Living the life of the existential hedonist, she refuses to worry about tomorrow and rarely thinks of the past. Her main concern is for today, and the pleasures it brings. For Sherry, sex is merely something to be enjoyed, carry no moral overtones.

And so Sherry goes from day to day, wandering from lover to lover, never worrying about societal taboos or what results her search for new pleasure and new thrills may bring.

Sherry Bancroft-a young girl who embodies the life style of many in our society, a presentiment of what the future holds. DAUGHTER’S HOT PANTIES is a story which holds a lesson for us all.

Peggy Bancroft was filled with pride as she sat watching her daughter. Sherry had large expressive blue eyes and silky blonde hair that fell far below her well tanned shoulders. As the girl stood for a moment, her mother was struck, as always, by her young daughter’s lovely body. Her flat tanned tummy and narrow waist served to emphasize the firm roundness of her ass and the generous size of her tits.

Staring at the lovely child, Peggy Bancroft hoped that the girl’s future would be more fulfilling than her own. Not that Peggy had a bad life, but she always had a nagging feeling that somehow, some way, there was something missing. Her husband, Fred Bancroft, was a handsome man and an exceptionally good provider, yet Peggy wanted something more, and didn’t know what it was. She supposed that their sex life was as normal as anyone else’s, but it wasn’t quite what Peggy wanted. She excitedly anticipated that something sensational would happen when they fucked, but when it was over and Fred had fallen asleep, she always felt empty and restless.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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