Mothers And Sons by Paul Gable
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Kate supplemented her meager income with a small business as a history tutor. Alison had met her when Randy had enrolled as one of Kate’s pupils. She’d met Monica in a more peculiar fashion, when the two of them had become embroiled in a length argument about sex-education at a school meeting. Alison sighed as she thought of Monica Walsh’s incredible beauty. Monica had the kind of long, wavy, golden blonde hair that nearly all women envied, and a face that had once made her a sought-after figure model. Her body was as incredible as Alison’s, with long, tapering legs and tits that were nearly as big.

Alison often thought it was a shame that Monica had to be so conservative. She doubted that Monica had given her pussy to a single man since her divorce, even though every male in the suburb would have done anything to get into Monica’s panties. And Monica had a son, Paul, who had grown up to be quite a handsome young stud. Alison smiled to herself, wondering how often Paul jacked off, if Monica ever heard him. They had argued at the school meeting because Monica had been so vehemently opposed to any form of sex-education in public schools.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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