Her Sucking Sister by Judy Marsh
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HER SUCKING SISTER is the story of a young American girl. A typical teen-ager who enjoys going out on dates and gossiping with girl friends and listening to the latest rock group. She seeks to fill one big void in her life however, her overwhelming need to find love and affection. Being young and naive, Cari ignores all the moral rules she has been taught and dares to venture onto forbidden ground. And is Cari to blame?

For Cari, seeking affection becomes a way of life, her norm. And for how many other teen-agers like her?

HER SUCKING SISTER-a novel that poses a timely question for all American families.

Slowly and quietly Cari opened two louvers in the door of her sister’s closet. She gasped. Hiding in her sister’s closet, she could see everything that was going on in her sister’s room. And it was far more than she had hoped for. Joani, her older sister, and her boyfriend Todd were seated on Joani’s bed. Cari could tell that he had his tongue in her mouth. But better than that, Todd had his hand inside of Joani’s blouse. Joani was moaning with pleasure as Todd kissed her.

Cari almost giggled but stopped herself just in time. She didn’t want to be discovered. This scene was better than the books she had found in her father’s desk.

Todd began to unbutton Joani’s blouse. Cari could see that Joani was wearing a push-up bra so that her tits appeared to be fuller than they were. Todd pushed the blouse aside and leaned down to kiss her tits softly. Joani closed her eyes and continued to moan softly.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number TB-1040 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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