Turning Teacher On by M. J. Jacobs
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Candy Simpson, an attractive thirty-six-year-old single woman had been a leading citizen and teacher at Mill Creek for years. Even so, she found her life lacking and sought a change of pace, a new life-style, and adventure. Outwardly quite proper and normal, she finds her interests are not only passionate, but promiscuous, bordering on perverse. Starting life anew, Candy Simpson discovers, in a startling revelation, how a change in environment can alter one’s personality.

TURNING TEACHER ON-a novel that goes beyond the stage on which it is set.

“Hey, Gonzales, looks like you got a hard-on!” Candy Simpson heard a boy in her class say in a teasing voice that was slightly too loud to be a whisper.

“Yeah, Tony, I guess I do!” she heard the kid reply in a low voice, obviously intended to be heard by his teacher.

Candy shuffled nervously through the pile of test papers on her desk and tried to avoid looking out into the class. They were at it again, the devils, trying to get under her skin, trying to make her break. She wondered how long she could maintain her composure under such a constant onslaught of dirty teasing.

Candy shut her eyes and wished she were back in the little town of Mill Creek where her students paid attention in class and treated her with some respect. It wasn’t that Candy was less than dedicated to the teaching profession or that she harbored any ill feeling toward her students. She had taught for thirteen years and had done an excellent job. But teaching was turning out to be something other than the relatively carefree task she had known it to be in the past.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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