Auntie's Hot Panties by Jason Cannon
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In AUNTIE’S HOT PANTIES, Bobby Dru is a teenager embarking on his own special journey into adolescence. He struggles to overcome his natural shyness and come to terms with himself. He finds himself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling guilty about his awakening sexuality, sometimes getting angry over slights and youthful misjudgments. It is mainly through the patient understanding of his Aunt Marie that Bobby manages to put his world into perspective, coping with his new feelings and taking disappointments in stride.

AUNTIE’S HOT PANTIES – the story of an average American teenager’s coming of age. A lesson to us all. A reminder, once again, that growing up is not easy.

For the better part of a year, Bobby and Mary Lou explored and enjoyed each other’s bodies. But the girl would never let him put his cock all the way inside her cunt. It was frustrating for him, but it was still more satisfying than relieving his prick with his fingers.

Then something happened that ended the good times. It seemed that it just happened over night. His cock became huge. He didn’t even realize it. It was as though he masturbated one night wit just his fingers, and the next night he was using his whole hand and several inches of his cock stuck out above it, thick and rigid.

Also, the clear fluid that had previously spewed in thin streams from the head of his cock during climax changed radically. It became gooey thick and as white as snow. The thickness also increased, so that when he shot his cream, it practically covered Mary Lou’s belly.

He also became stronger. He wanted to put his thick meat inside her warm hold more than ever. He could feel the lips of her pussy spread wide when he slipped the now-thick head between them.

That was when Mary Lou said, “No more fucking.”

And shortly after that she moved away.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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