Sucking Coeds by Jane Fox
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In SUCKING COEDS, there are people like Ginny McRae and Rhea Evans, just two of the college girls who play a part in this novel.

These coeds belong to that rare group of individuals who are completely devoid of ambitions where sex is concerned. Indeed, they so fully believe in the principles of free love and physical gratification, that they have even organized themselves into a club they call the Sorority for Sex. Yet despite the fact that their behavior is considered shocking and disgusting by many of those around them, these girls are kind and loving persons, girls who simply savor life to its fullest and who would never dream of hurting other human beings.

So who is to say their actions are immoral or perverted? How can people with only love in their souls be called bad? Timely questions.

SUCKING COEDS — a shocking story, yes, but one which raises many important questions about the beliefs of our Jedeo-Christian society.

“I wish that disgusting old creep would just fuck off!” Virginia McRae sputtered as she checked her reflection in the dorm mirror. Even with her nose crinkled up in disgust, she still looked good enough to eat. Sure, she knew that the creamy mounds of her rosy-tipped jugs jiggled and bounced provocatively when she walked, but that didn’t give old Professor Harris license to pinch her nipples every time he caught her behind the stacks in the library where she worked part-time.

“Oh, YUCK!” Ginny exclaimed. The very thought of that old lecher was enough to make her positively sick to her stomach! If he’d only quit hanging around the rare-book section, working at the library might be fun. Professor Harris was the perfect stereotype of a dirty old man. If he hadn’t have been so persistent about trying to pinch her tits or grab her ass, Ginny might have even thought he was funny. He was so repulsive that he looked like a cartoon character straight out of somebody’s nightmare!

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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