The Office Girls by Vince Marcos
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In THE OFFICE GIRLS, some of the girls who work at the office of Playpen Magazine are examples of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. Like Sharon North, and Carole Harris, and Margot Jordon. But within them lie unnatural desires, desires waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

THE OFFICE GIRLS — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

Although working in a pleasantly air-conditioned building, George Colby was getting increasingly warm every time he caught a glimpse of sexy Sharon North running down the hall or sitting in front of her typewriter, or talking to the other girls. Goddamn, but he was a lucky dude to get to work at the Playpen Magazine Building, remodeling several floors and getting an eyeful of pussy eight hours a day.

There were so many fucking cunts walking around, just waiting to get laid and hoping somebody would notice and give them the needed cure. Hell, just about all the construction jobs he had, there was enough snatch to go around with other guys, he himself taking a good crop of cunt.

Yeah — like that one job he had at that real-estate building. Jesus Christ, that one red-headed broad, the one with the big tits, she smiled at him a lot and dropped her eyes down to the impressive bulge pressing out of his blue jeans, and licked her lips. The next minute, they were in the supply room with him sitting on top of some boxes and that foxy chick bent down on her knees, ripping at his fly and pulling out his blood engorged cock, stuffing it hungrily into her mouth. The inside of her mouth was so nice, and her style of manipulating his meat helped him to cum pretty fast. Shit, it was a quickie, but it served the purpose and relieved some of his horniness for the rest of that day.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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