Daddy's Tempting Twins by James Barton
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DADDY’S TEMPTING TWINS is the story of two related families and one get-together of debauchery where family relationships mean nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to these parents and their children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily norm. But is it? Not for these two families — outwardly, yes, in reality, no.

DADDY’S TEMPTING TWINS — a novel with a lesson for those unaware of what is really happening behind America’s closed doors.

Outside the window, Trina and Trish exchanged excited glances. Trish let her hand move beneath the hem of her sister’s skirt. “Did you hear what Daddy said?”

Trina felt an involuntary shiver. She had heard and her heart beat at twice its normal rate as she realized that she and Trish actually excited her father! Trina spread her legs slightly as she felt Trish’s hand slip inside her panties.

Trish pressed her hand downward between the cheeks of her sister’s ass and found the moist warmth of her pussy with her fingertips. As she eased her middle finger into her sister’s cunt, she turned her attention back to the bedroom.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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