R#ped Runaway by Jim Dawson
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Although Frank led an active sex life, it had been a long time since he had run across anybody like Lyn. The teenager had kissed him as enthusiastically as he had kissed her. He had caressed her back briefly, then slid his hands down to her luxurious ass.

Her tongue had danced against his when he’d slid it into her hot mouth, which had sunk under his immediately. She had slid her arms around him and pressed herself to him, her big fits spreading from the pressure of his chest. His cock had been a burning spear between their bellies, his tightly sacked balls nestling in the start of her beaver.

As he had sunk his fingertips into the resilient flesh of her pert ass, Frank had felt her nipples stirring against his chest. He liked that, liked women who turned on easily. Even though he took his time with foreplay, Frank, liked women that were easily aroused. He liked to make his women cum a time or two before he fucked them.

Lyn pushed his tongue out of her mouth and slid hers into his mouth. Frank kneaded the pliant flesh of her trim ass and sucked eagerly at her tongue. Jesus, she turns me on, he’d thought.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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