Vacation With Mom by Ray Todd
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VACATION WITH MOM is a novel about Linda Turner and her May-December marriage. Bored with her husband, unconcerned with conventional morality, she goes on a sexual binge that eventually entraps her young and innocent daughter.

VACATION WITH MOM — a portrayal of our present, a mirror of our times.

It was after ten-thirty in the morning, and Linda Turner was still lying naked on her bed. The top sheet was kicked down and her bare knees were drawn back up against her big creamy tits while her middle finger was moving deliciously around in the hot moistness of her super-horny slit. Her long black hair was cascading over the pillow as her half-closed smoky-gray eyes stared dreamily into space. She was having visions of big, luscious cocks and lusty, hairy balls. With her finger moving sensuously around in her dripping hot cunt, Linda was fantasizing about plump, meaty dongs. From the time she was first laid at the tender age of twelve, Linda’s consuming interest in fucking had grown more intense with every year and now, at thirty, cocks had become an obsession with the beautiful woman.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number GE-1012 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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