Pervert Teacher by Laurie Chandler
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In PERVERT TEACHER, Marianne Baker is one of those outwardly proper and quite normal people. But the surprising thing is that, compared to her husband and many of those who have condemned her, she is much less the hypocrite, much less the depraved person she is depicted to be.

PERVERT TEACHER—a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

I was a pretty good teacher. Still am, as a matter of fact. You should have seen the expressions of joy on the kids’ faces when they found out that they got me for English. “Wow! I’m in Mrs. Baker’s class!” was not an uncommon refrain in the hallowed halls of Parker High.

Ronnie, Ronald, I mean, was just about my best student. He was bright and alert and a teacher’s dream. He was also handsome, with a gorgeous body, but you’ll hear about that in a moment.

I always was willing to stay late in school to help out my students with any problems they may have had. Not just English problems. They came to see me as their adviser, a sort of Dear Abby.

And I helped them. I really did. No one in the school but me knew that Arlene was pregnant, and I found a doctor to give her an abortion. Anyone else would have thrown her out on her ass, the way they did with me.

Ronald had a dual problem. He was having trouble writing his term paper, and he had just split with his girlfriend. Problem number two caused problem number one.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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