Swapping Wives by Janet McCoy
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Dick Major lay stretched out on his bed. He was feeling good this morning. The early light streaming in through the window was bright and dear. It was going to be a nice day. It had been great so far. He and his wife had just enjoyed a tremendous fuck.

He heard the steady stream of the shower slow and stop. He could hear Susan humming to herself as she dried herself off and performed all the little rituals peculiar to women.

Closing his eyes, he imagined how she looked in there her short hair wet and plastered to her head, framing her striking, big-eyed face. He could imagine her slowly massaging her firm round tits with the towel until the pink nipples stood up firm and inviting. Then the towel was moving down to her flat belly and her sculptured hips. Her fingers lingered in the small, curly vee of her pubic hair. Susan never could resist a chance to play with herself a little, even after she had just been well-fucked.

A smile creased Dick’s mouth. His cock was throbbing under the covers, as hard and insistent as it had been earlier in the morning. Good old cock, he thought, always ready when I need him. He slipped his fingers down under the covers and caressed the pulsing shaft gently.

Should he or shouldn’t he?

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number CR-101 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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