Mom's Hot Lesson by Jeff Davis
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In MOM’S HOT LESSON, Doris Chandler is a desperate woman, for her problem — an inability to achieve sexual fulfillment — leads her to pursue a course considered by many as shameful and depraved.

Her story is that of a young wife shattered by life’s realities — an unfulfilled marriage that ends in divorce and opens the door to, perhaps, shame and degradation.

MOM’S HOT LESSON — a novel about a society which too often ignores a person’s cry for help.

She stood in the doorway viewing the disaster before her. The bedroom looked like the aftermath of an earthquake. But it was the result of a calamity — a two-legged calamity named Pete, her son. Doris shook her head slowly and drawing a deep breath, stepped into the room and waded through the strewn possessions, picking up something here and something there.

She put a book in the bookcase and a bottle on a shelf. The stack of folded clothes and she had laundered and left in the room the day before was right where she had left them. She shrugged and picked up the stack and began putting clothes in drawers. As she tried to straighten up his underwear so she could put the freshly laundered items in the drawer, she noticed something — a brown paper bag was pushed completely to the back. She hesitated for a minute, not wanting to invade her son’s privacy, but her curiosity got the better of her. She pulled the bag out and looked into it. It was a stack of magazines, none of which looked familiar.

She carried them to the bed and dumped them onto the rumpled sheets. The sight hit her in the pit of the stomach. There were several magazines with different titles and covers but all obviously sex magazines. There were also a couple of novels with lurid titles and drawings on the covers.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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