Peeping Aunt by Robert Vickers
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In PEEPING AUNT, Lynn Edmunds outwardly appears to be a normal, though overly prudish young woman. Yet she derives sexual pleasure from a practice that most would consider socially unacceptable—and some would consider perverted.

But who is to say whether she is normal or perverted? PEEPING AUNT is a novel of interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A story of one woman seeking to resolve her sexual conflicts and find inner happiness.

The grass was wet under her bare feet, almost as wet as her crotch was getting. The woman’s hand shook slightly as she edged closer to the half-open window. From inside the darkened room came the sounds of two people fucking.

The sounds were unmistakable. Lynn Edmunds should know those sounds, the impassioned grunts, the soft sighs, the slurping sound of a cock drilling into an excited cunt. She should know them well. But not first-hand. Not really.

All she did was listen.

She listened and watched and enjoyed vicariously. Not for her was the powerful embrace and the sweat-drenched bodies locked together in love. The thought of actually having a man stick that into her soft, gently flowing twat repulsed her.

But watching. . .

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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