The Mother R#pers by Ron Taylor
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In THE MOTHER R#PERS, Diana Flaherty finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform what she considers perverse sex acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, strength of character she never realized she had.

In THE MOTHER R#PERS, Diana Flaherty suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.

Diana Flaherty stopped beside the car. “Do you want to drive?” she asked, tossing back her long hair and cocking her head to one side. She took advantage of the pause to smooth out a wrinkle or two in her sleeveless top and her hands glided down from her prominent tits, across her smooth belly, halting at the waistband of her low-riding jeans.

Matt cleared his throat. He could feel a tingle at the edge of his hair and he hoped to holy shit he wasn’t starting to blush. Jesus Christ! he thought. She’s thirty-seven years old! Will you get a grip on yourself? “Yeah,” he said, voice cracking a little.

Her top fit her like saran wrap; only you couldn’t see through it. Christ be thanked for that! Matt got into the car, squirmed till he was comfortable behind the wheel. She went around and entered from the passenger’s side. All the while, Matt stared at her tits.

She was built, for a lady her age, he thought.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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