Librarian With The Hots by Janet McCoy
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In LIBRARIAN WITH THE HOTS, Jane Friesen is a woman who suffers from a lack of sexual self-assurance. Buried behind the drab, stern facade of her librarian job, Jane at last realizes that it is a waste for her to hide her natural beauty and sensuality. Thus it is only when she learns to appreciate herself and she at last breaks free of the deeply imbedded strictures of her moralistic upbringing that she becomes a confident and successful adult.

LIBRARIAN WITH THE HOTS is a novel about a woman’s struggle to free herself of deep-seated fears and inhibitions and take her place as a fully functioning, independent and knowledgeable adult.

“Christ I’m going to miss you when you’re gone, Cathy!”

“I’ll miss you too, Larry! I’ll miss this nice big fat cock of yours! I. . .oooooohh sock it to me, baby!”

Larry had the pretty, brown-haired librarian backed up against the wall between two long rows of books. He was sending his hard cock deep up into her wet pussy in stroke after rhythmic stroke. She was standing on tiptoes, tilting her cunt upward a little to give him easy access to her greedy snatch. Her pussy-muscles seemed to spasm around his rigid penis each time he filled her. It was as if she never wanted to let him go. The feeling made him grunt with eager excitement.

“Jee-zuz, Cathy . . .they’ll never get another librarian around here like you! Just the sight of you always makes my cock hard as a rock! And the nice part is . . .” He leered into her lust-dazed eyes. “… with you, I don’t have to stop with just looking!”

“Oh Christ, screw me harder!” She felt his penis surge more urgently up into her tingling pussy. Her lower lip drooped as her face became a slack mask of arousal. “Oh, God-d-d . . .yes, that’s the way! My cunt’s so hot for you, lover!”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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