Abused Young Housekeeper by J. T. Watson
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It is hard to conceive in this day and age, and especially in our Western society, that individual human beings could be and are now being treated like mere possessions—and worse.

Yet there are examples to be found all around us. Migrant workers labor for a pittance, and are beaten or thrown out of their jobs if they protest against their meager wages or disgraceful working conditions. Sharecroppers are forced to turn over as much as fifty percent of their produce to large landowners to pay off an ever-increasing debt whose termination they will never see. Illegal aliens must work for cruelly low wages or face exposure and deportation.

And then there are men like Nick Brady, a man whose only goal in life, it seems, is the humiliation  of young girls. He collects them as one would collect antiques or coins, only to abuse them, forcing them to sink to the depths of shame.

ABUSED YOUNG HOUSEKEEPER-a novel about a warped man, and the girl he uses to satisfy his depraved cravings. A shocking story with a message for today’s society.

Nick Brady sat on his front porch sipping at a cold beer, and watching the young girl struggle with her heavy bag. She was pretty. A lot prettier than he’d expected. Her youthful melon tits bounced freely under her simple short skirt. She wore no stockings but her legs still looked firm. Her reddish hair had come undone and hung to her waist.

“Yes sir,” he said out loud, “I’m going to enjoy having her around the place.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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