Violated Virgin by Ron Taylor
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Amber Houston, the schoolgirl in this story is a young, innocent girl who has lived a somewhat sheltered life, a girl who falls into a web of depravity created by others’ greed. Her reputation-and then her life-threatened, she is faced with a trying dilemma which appears to have no solution.

VIOLATED VIRGIN-a story about greed and its effect on one young girl, but in reality, a story about mankind as a whole.

In all her years, Amber Houston had never seen anything so exciting as the city. It was like entering a totally new world, she decided. Even Pittsburgh, the hub of her little home community, was only a pimple compared to this. She sat entranced, peering out the window of the charter bus, heart beating rapidly behind the soft cushion of a delicate little left tit.

It was one huge metropolitan sprawl from Philadelphia eastward, she decided. Grim Philly and Trenton, sedate, established Princeton. Miles and miles of suburbs sandwiched between industrial areas, with huge smokestacks belching odors and yellow clouds into the atmosphere. The urban jungles of east Jersey floating past the bus window, and on the skyline, Manhattan, tall buildings and guttering lights that outshone the stars in the blue-black sky. She was glad they were entering New York by night. She’d never forget this glamorous vision of the magic city.

Scott was in the seat beside her, his arm around Amber. She looked at him, eyes aglitter. “Have you ever seen anything so-so-”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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