Blackmailed Teacher by Robert Vickers
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BLACKMAILED TEACHER is a story of an individual who is faced with a seemingly uncompromising dilemma. Liz Walker, an attractive brunette teaching at a suburban high school, finds her private life invaded and a particularly embarrassing incident the target of a depraved blackmailer. She must decide whether to submit to his demands or resist — her decision makes for a shocking study of an individual in torment.

BLACKMAILED TEACHER — a searing novel of our time, a story too often reflecting on many people around us.

Liz squirmed nervously as she sat in her high-backed wooden chair. The faces of the bored students told her they didn’t know what was making her so nervous.

If they’d known she had a boy’s tongue eagerly lapping up and down the inside of her thigh and pushing toward her gooey cunt, they would have been far more attentive.

But they didn’t know that Don, their classmate, was under their history teacher’s desk. They didn’t know she had her skirts hiked up around her waist. And they definitely didn’t know what she was feeling at that instant as the boy’s tongue drove mercilessly into her juicy cunt.

“Uh, and who, uh, ummmm, who can t-tell me wh-when the Constitution was ratified?” she stammered. It was getting harder and harder for her to keep talking. The words jumbled together the closer that lapping tongue came to her hot little pussy.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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