Teacher's Teenage Lovers by Jason Cannon
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What happens behind the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the tree-shaded, picket-and-wrought-iron-fenced suburbs of middle and upper-middle-class America?

What really goes on behind those freshly painted doors? Is depravity an exclusive right of the ghetto-dweller, as many of the more fortunate would like to think?

TEACHER’S TEENAGE LOVERS is the serious and shocking story of one pleasant suburb, and of some of the students and teachers in its ivy-covered high school who helped crack the facade—and watch it crumble about their heads.

TEACHER’S TEENAGE LOVERS—a novel that goes beyond the fictitious town in which it is set . . . possibly any American town?

Against her will, Gloria Parton felt her pussy secreting juices at the sight of Ralph Hastings’ big cock. She knew she shouldn’t have let him in the door, but he’d jammed his shoulder against it before she could shut it.

“What the hell’s wrong with you, Gloria?” he said, fisting the long, hard length of his prick.

“Nothing,” she whined, “I just don’t want this any more!”

“Oh? Maybe you’d rather have one of the young boys at school! Is that it, Gloria?” She whimpered. “Or maybe you’d rather I took the record of your last teaching job to the board? How would that be, huh? How long do you think you’d last then?”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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