Camping With Daddy by Paul Tate
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For Sally Grover in CAMPING WITH DADDY, the dawning awareness of her own sexuality and the budding of her body have brought many problems and confusions. But once Sally gets over her initial fears and inhibitions, she finds herself enjoying, indeed reveling, in her natural sexuality.

CAMPING WITH DADDY — the story of an average teen-aged girl’s struggle to make her own, personal journey into adulthood, a struggle evolving behind the facade of her day-to-day existence, yet inexorably leading her onward into maturity.

The campfire in front of the small camper pick-up truck crackled and spit, sending orange sparks of light flying through the air to land on the dew moistened earth and die. Two silhouettes, a man and a girl, outlined in the reddish pink of the fire sat by it, the small piles of their food and cooking utensils stacked next to them.

“Good to have you with me again, baby,” the man, slightly graying at the temples, but ruggedly handsome, said to the blonde girl looking admiringly over at him.

“Oh Daddy, you don’t know how good it is to be back with you again too,” she answered, closing her eyes and shaking her beautiful head as if she couldn’t believe it. Then her face saddened for a moment. “If-if only Mom could have been here too,” she finally said softly, as if it were a forbidden subject.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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