The Farmer's Hot Family by Ray Todd
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THE FARMER’S HOT FAMILY is the story of a family whose members are gradually affected by a passionate nature. As stirring passions sweep through first one person and then another, each member of the family must come to grips with his or her convictions — their decisions make far a shocking account of what often occurs beneath a mask of normalcy.

THE FARMER’S HOT FAMILY — a revealing and shocking story, indeed, but one, which may not be as unbelievable as it first, appears. A story holding a lesson for a large segment of our society.

Kitty Stockdale was sitting in the large kitchen of the old farmhouse sipping her third cup of coffee. It was almost noon and she was still wearing a terry cloth robe with her long blonde hair hanging limply over her shoulders. With the children in school and her husband at the auction buying cows, Kitty was just loafing around the house.

Kitty was a very attractive little blonde of twenty three, and was married to a farmer who was twenty years her senior. The girl had married Hank Stockdale shortly after she met him two years ago. They met at the county fair, and the older man who was a widower with two teenagers was attracted by the beautiful girl’s youthfulness.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number TB-1028 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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