Seducing Her Family by Robert Vickers
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In SEDUCING HER FAMILY, Annemarie Kundt, a foreign-exchange student, arrives in America to find a culture shockingly inhibited, a country hiding its greatest desires behind sexual taboos. At first seen as a threat to American standards, Annemarie’s liberated viewpoint is gradually accepted and eventually embraced by her new American family.

SEDUCING HER FAMILY — the story of liberation from sexual taboos in a successful meeting of two cultures.

The sound of the jet engines revving up drowned out the sounds of the noisy fucking going on near the terminal. Anyone not watching the silver 707’s taking off could have seen a grimy engine mechanic fucking the hell out of a trim, svelte eighteen-year old blonde girl if they’d looked in the right place.

“Ohhh, Hans, you’re such a fine lover!” Annemarie moaned, arching her back against the cowling of the partially dismantled engine. Her pussy was damp with lust, and she wasn’t going to allow this stud to have any second thoughts about fucking in public. There was something about the idea that anyone could come along and see them fucking their brains out that excited the girl even more.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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