His Daughter's Keeper by Robert Vickers
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In HIS DAUGHTER’S KEEPER, Carole Linzer is a good student and a quiet, well adjusted young woman up until the time she finds herself undergoing a transformation that she barely understands. Consumed by unrelenting power, she shamelessly descends into a degrading world of depravity which doesn’t end until she has sated herself with her new master.

HIS DAUGHTER’S KEEPER — a chronicle of a budding young woman’s propensity for perverse involvement in a dark world of sensual obsession. A lesson for all who refuse to believe that such opportunities exist.

“And I swear, Mr. Strong, I fucked that blonde chick all night long! It was one hell of a fine lay!” Stan Linzer drunkenly said. “Thanks for getting her for me. That made the convention, in more ways than one!”

Mr. Strong sat stoic and silent in the corner, nursing his drink and peering at Stan over the edge of the glass. He toyed with the ice cubes, which were not much different in color or temperature from his eyes, then quietly said, “That’s nothing, Stan. What are business friends for?”

“You’re right, Mr. Strong. Absolutely right. Anything I can do for you, just let me know.” The man poured himself another drink and leaned back in his favorite chair. Having an important, powerful, rich man like Mr. Strong come to his tacky little house puffed him with pride. He knew it hinted at a possible position with the man’s firm and, if the rumors were true, Mr. Strong didn’t know the meaning of the word small. He did everything in a big way, from his personal life to his far-flung financial empire.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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