Depraved Aunt by Jerry Milner
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DEPRAVED AUNT is the story of a family that dares to let its most base desires and passions come to the fore. They are some of the few who are willing to accept the consequences, be they reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of a family whose motto might be: “If it feels good, do it.”

Ellen sighed and gingerly laid half the length of the electric facial massager against that most needful part of her body, directly between her legs. It was the sensible, logical way for a young widow like herself to ease away tensions without involving herself with sticky relationships. The facial massager had been a wise purchase, discreetly done through the mail. With it, she could live a much more contented and tranquil life in the suburbs, puttering around in her garden, doing her needlepoint, ignoring the neighbors who so pointedly ignored her, forgetting about her runaway daughter, Carole.

She reached down and twisted the knob that set the massager to buzzing, and at once was amazed at the thing.

Ellen knew very well the white, tapered plastic cylinder in her hand was a dildo. It was a battery-operated cock expressly designed for the hot, aching cunts of horny old bitches like herself. And shit, did her brand new electric cock ever feel good as it buzzed and purred against hot, healthy pink cuntflesh that hadn’t felt anything more than the kiss of her panties’ crotchband for almost two years!

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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