Teacher's Private Lessons by Jane Fox
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The protagonist in TEACHER’S PRIVATE LESSONS, Sheila Chambers, is an outwardly proper and quite normal individual who makes an unusual discovery about herself. A high school teacher, she stumbles onto a course of behavior many of us consider perverted—that of seducing a student. In essence, Sheila is like a time bomb, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse her basest instincts.

TEACHER’S PRIVATE LESSONS—a fictional story about a very real facet of society.

“Let’s cut out of this dumb dance and have some real fun,” Leroy Jacobs suggested, pressing his stiff cock right up against Joy Hirschfeld’s curvy body. He could tell that the lovely blonde cheerleader knew just what he meant because her body started trembling and she sighed a little and returned the sexy pressure.

“Come on, Joy,” Leroy persisted. “Eagle Eyes looks like she’s getting ready for another trip to the lounge. We can sneak out while she’s not looking.”

Joy giggled seductively and tossed her long blonde hair back from her face. “Well … I’d sure like to, but what if Mrs. Chambers notices we’re gone? You know she’ll come right out looking for us.”

“With this crowd?” Leroy chuckled, waving his hand at the packed dance floor. “She’s not going to notice we cut out. You want it, don’t you? You liked it pretty well Friday night.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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