Peeping Niece by John Kellerman
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In PEEPING NIECE, Sadie Thompson is a teenager embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling uncertain about her awakening sexuality, sometimes becoming angered over her youthful misjudgments. It is only through a chance encounter with a patient and understanding man who manages to put her world into perspective that she can begin coping with new feelings and responding to new situations.

PEEPING NIECE—the story of a typical young American girl coming of age. A lesson to us all and a reminder that the journey to adulthood is not easy.

Where could those files be? Sadie Thompson flipped through the last drawer of the filing cabinet and stopped to think. She’d been working in her uncle’s office for only a week so she hadn’t quite learned the ropes yet. And she helped out only two periods of every school day. But though it was a hassle and a whole new set of duties to learn, she liked it. A highschool principal had a lot of responsibility and as one of his student assistants, Sadie knew she was gaining valuable experience.

She wondered if those grade sheets might be in the back file room. Knowing her uncle was out of his office, she still tapped politely at the door before entering. The back file room was a narrow room connected to the principal’s office. The only way to get to it was through his office. As she breezed by his huge desk, she glanced at the neatly stacked papers and books. Roger liked to keep things neat. And he was an impressive man to be a highschool principal. Tall, muscular, good-looking. Her Uncle Roger, Sadie thought proudly, smiling to herself.

As she started into the smaller file room, she heard the door to Roger’s office close and lock. She could always get out from the inside, though, so she went on into the room full of all the school’s records and pulled the door partly shut behind her.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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