Mom's Hot Kids by Don Simpson
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MOM’S HOT KIDS is a novel about people who dare to let their most base desires surface, but most especially it is about the eager members of a fatherless family, their monetary problems, and their taboo desires. In their quest for mere survival, they are swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape.

Together, they represent some of the few persons in our modern society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to become truly, fully liberated.

MOM’S HOT KIDS — the startling story of a family and their friends, people who dare to let it all hang out.

“Don’t talk,” Bill said, pressing his slippery cockhead against her lower lip. “Just suck my cock. I want you to clean my joint, baby. Take my limp pecker into your mouth and wash it clean with your tongue!”

“All right, I’ll do it,” Suzy whispered, letting her fingers fondle his balls. “I’ll suck you dry. But you’ve got to promise you’ll be quiet.”

“Okay, I promise,” Bill muttered softly, as he settled back on the rumpled bed and prepared to enjoy the delicious friction of Suzy’s soft lips and eager tongue.

Suzy, shivering with excitement, stroked, the soft, limp cock with her fingers, then pressed it between her palms, rolling and squeezing the fat drooling head.

“I love your cock,” she whispered. “I wish I could suck it all night…”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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